How to delete trial and trial programs from your new computer or laptop?

How to delete trial and trial programs from your new computer or laptop?

Delete pre-installed programs, trials and trial versions

In a sense there is nothing to be shocked if a computer manufacturer puts its programs on the desktop PCs and the laptops it sells.

If I sold my computer for sure I’d put as the homepage of the browser hoping to spread this blog.

However, not always these pre-installed programs are good indeed, they are often absolutely poor or they are good programs of which only the trial or trial version is provided which must then be purchased separately.

As we have learned, for every paid program but also to do many things on the computer, there are always at least two ways and one of these is free and works well, the best thing to do after buying a new computer or a laptop with some pre-installed programs, you remove them and clean up the system.

Without having to format a new PC, it is enough to spend some time uninstalling certain software, then putting other more efficient, faster and more useful programs on the computer.

It is not easy to make a list of all the pre-installed programs to be removed from the computers because each brand puts the ones it develops at home and those that act as sponsors.

Now instead, taking as reference the most popular laptops, HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba and Sony Vaio, let’s see here a list of all those useless and unsolicited pre-installed programs that can be removed and that you won’t hear anymore. lack.

1) The first thing to take off on every new PC is the trial version of Office.

Office is definitely essential on the computer but it is better to remove the trial version that expires after 60 days because it causes slowdowns on the computer and packs it with updates.

Much better instead to completely uninstall it and use the free Openoffice suite or replace it later without Onenote, Groove, Publisher and other unused stuff.

2) In Windows 10 there are numerous pre-installed apps that serve little or nothing.

In another article we wrote the guide on how to remove pre-installed Windows 10 apps and system components

2) The antivirus is also to be raised.

Never get a free antivirus with no deadlines when you buy a new computer!

The generally installed programs are: Norton Antivirus, Symantec Internet Security (the most difficult to remove), McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security, Trend Micro Internet Security, Kaspersky antivirus.

After removing it, you should install a free antivirus or leave the Windows Defender antivirus that is fine.

3) Almost always there are programs for recorders and those for copying CDs and DVDs and for watching movies and videos on the computer.

Virtually always these pre-installed programs are trial versions of which you must buy the license.

To remove and install then are: Cyberlink DVD Suite, Cyberlink PowerDVD, Cyberlink Power Director (for video editing), CyberLink Power2Go, InterVideo WinDVD 8, Roxio CinePlayer, Roxio Record Now, Roxio Creator, Nero.

It is not that these software are bad (even if they are often unnecessarily large), they are simply not free and must be paid for by purchasing the license.

As learned you can use even better alternative programs to watch DVD videos, downloaded movies and to copy music CDs, burn DVDs and make video editing changes.

To mention some of them we have a list with the best media players similar to VLC, programs to create photo slideshows, to do video editing and to burn CDs and DVDs.

4) Another free and useful but heavy and therefore to be replaced program is Acrobat Reader.

In another article we saw the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Reader.

5) If the paid program Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo is present for image editing and photo editing, remove it and, if necessary, choose a free program for editing and managing images and photos.

6) On many computers, unfortunately, there are already installed Internet Explorer toolbars.

The toolbar are those of Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and many others.

Absolutely to remove them all, Internet Explorer must be free from every external toolbar.

7) On Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, Sony Vaio and Toshiba laptops there are always almost useless management tools.

Although I don’t go into detail, I advise not so much to remove them all but to check, perhaps after a month, which ones have never been used to understand what can be used and what is not.

I disagree with those who say that everything is to be thrown away so I do not recommend taking things off for a party.

Surely the Updates and Update tools are to be removed because they only waste system resources and bandwidth to update unsolicited things.

8) On Asus computers it is highly recommended to remove the “Live Update” utility which is malfunctioning and full of bugs, at least in my experience.

Everything else is not essential but could be useful depending on the habits and use of the computer.

9) On HP computers you can find some or all of the following pre-installed software to delete:

– HP Notebook Accessories Product Tour: the presentation

– HP Total Care Advisor: useless

– HP Help and Support useless also because if the PC does not work anymore, it could not even be used.

– HP Easy Setup Core & Front End: remove it

– HP Wireless – Utility: useless because Windows already has its wifi connection management service

– HP ProtectTools Security Manager: sometimes here is AVG Antivirus which, in the event, would be the only one to maintain.

– Credential Manager for HP ProtectTools: it is not convenient to use it because if it went wrong you would no longer access the computer; Windows has its account manager and password, better to use that.

– Drive Encryption for Hp ProtectTools is also not needed and is dangerous if misused.

10) On Acer computers, it’s a good idea to check these pre-installed programs and tools, which are useless for most users:

– Acer Arcade

– Acer eData Security Management

– Acer eLock Management

– Acer Empowering Technology

– Acer eNet Management

– Acer ePower Management

– Acer ePresentation Management

– Acer eSettings Management

– Acer GridVista

– Acer Mobility Center Plugin

– Acer Tour

– Acer Assist Launcher

To uninstall all these programs in one go there are some tools like PC Decrapifier ideal for uninstalling the crapware from the new PC or even as Should i Remove It to know which are useless programs to delete.

For all others it is better to use a more powerful uninstaller than the internal Windows tool.

To install the most useful and free programs, use the Ninite site tool that allows you to download and install the complete software at once.

Finally, it is absolutely important to check if starting Windows is slow.

If you still want to keep these damn programs, at least make sure they don’t start alone with Windows when you turn on your computer, staying in the background and consuming resources.

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